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For space in the restaurant or on the patio where you are willing to share the area with other customers there is no fee for the space, however, you will be given the amount of seats for the number of guests that you have reserved for. If the number of people who show up to the event is significantly less than the number you have reserved for, we will more than likely have to consolidate your area. Please do your best to give us an accurate number of confirmed guests so that we can be well-prepared to serve you. If you would like to rent the entire space (patio, or back dining room) for a private party, there is likely to be a Room Fee.

Our back room seats ~85ppl, and the patio seats ~65


(Only Required for PRIVATE PARTIES)

Room Fees are dependent upon the number of guests you are expecting, time of day, day of the week, and duration of the party.


This price is determined by: 

(75 - # of guests x Y x # of hours of rental where Y is the variable used based on the demand of the room at that time of day for that day of the week. Y is higher on higher volume days, at higher volume times eg. Friday night at 5:30 pm will be more expensive than Monday at 3 pm. Room fees will be calculated by the manager when you call to reserve your party. Decorating time will be charged to the rental fee if it is >30 minutes. Any decoration time will have to be set up with the manager when you call to reserve your party.

There is no room fee for parties of 70 or greater who wish to rent the entire space. If you give us a headcount that is 70 or over, yet the turnout is significantly less than 70 you will be subject to a room fee. 

Private parties require a deposit of $100 that must be paid 14 days before your party and will be refunded at the end of your event, whether by taking that price off your final bill or refunding you by cash or card.

You may be required to sign a party contract (link) depending upon the nature of your party.



The cost of pizza will be from the prices on the menu. Large pizzas run from $16-$26 and feed between 4-5 adults. Large catering style salads are available in increments of 10ppl, and cost $2.50 per person (ie. 20 person salad--$50, 50 person salad is $125). Any other menu items are available for purchase, but not in any catering sizes. Preorders are welcome and encouraged for large parties, should be placed the day of your party, and can be made up to 2 hours before your party, and as early as 9 am of that day. 



For parties of 50+ people and paying on one tab, we will charge 65% of the guests with fountain drinks, and the fountain drinks will be self-serve.

If the host of the party is covering the cost of Beer and Wine, we can keep track of a guest alcohol tab up to a certain $ amount of your choosing, or we can work out a ticket system where every guest can have up to three drinks covered. We do have a three drink per person limit, and the Corrales Police Department is very vigilant on the roads.

If the host is not covering the cost of Beer and Wine it can be purchased with a server or at the bar. 



Only dessert may be brought in. No other food or drink is allowed (this includes other appetizers, fruit, chips, etc. champagne for toasts, any other alcohol). We are happy to keep your dessert in our refrigerator or freezer if necessary. We do not provide dessert plates, so you are welcome to bring in dessert serving ware if you would like, otherwise you may use our white paper plates for dessert. 


You can decorate the space if you would like. If you plan on hanging anything you must use existing nails, or tape that is completely removable. Tablecloths and balloons are allowed, but no confetti or glitter. If any damage is done to walls, or glitter or confetti is brought in, you will be subject to a $150 cleaning charge. If decorating will take more than 30 minutes, and you are renting the entire room, or patio, you will be charged for that time in your room fee. There is no guarantee that the room will be completely clear of other customers during this set-up time, but we will do our best to have it cleared out for your decorating. All decorations MUST LEAVE WITH YOU.



Audio and Visual equipment are available upon request. Audio equipment includes 2 microphones, and a 1/8’’ headphone jack hooked to a 2 speaker PA system. If you would like to use the TVs for video or visual, you are required to bring the necessary cables to connect your device. The required connection for our TVs is HDMI. Audio and Visual are only available with the rental of the entire space, and there is a fee of $15 to use audio equipment, no charge for video. 



Make your own pizza parties are available at specific times on specific days. Kids 14 and under can make their own slice of pizza, for $5+Tax (this price includes a fountain drink), and Adults can make their own slices for $6+Tax (price includes a fountain drink). Not everyone is required to make their own slices for these types of parties— food can also be ordered from the menu. Make your own pizza parties are subject to space availability. Headcounts must include the total number of people attending, and also a correct count of Kids and Adults making slices. 

If you are a tax-free organization, you may receive the tax-free pricing ONLY if your organization is paying on one ticket for ALL food. This can be done by collecting the money prior to the Field Trip. If individuals are paying on their own, they will pay sales tax. 

Weekday times 9:30 am or 2:30 pm

Weekend times are usually not available, but call to check. 

To book a party at Corrales, please call 505-898-0045 and ask for a manager.


The Coors location is limited to parties of 25 people or less.  Call 505-219-3766 to reserve.

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